Rebecca Lea’s son received a check and said he didn’t want to keep it for himself. He wanted to do something for Mom’s facilities. Their family decided to help the facility who needed the help most. They could have easily done something for facilities nearby but Rebecca felt they needed to uplift our employees at Riverbend. Distance did not hold this family back from accomplishing what they wanted to do.

Rebecca and her family drove from Texas to Kansas, over 12-14 hours, on Mother’s day weekend to deliver 120 pantry parcels to Riverbend staff! What a selfless act of kindness!!!

Rebecca, thank you and your family for dignifying longterm (post acute care) in the eyes of the world and for being a blessing to many employees at Riverbend. Instead of being celebrated on Mother’s Day, you chose to give of yourself. You have the biggest heart❤️! An inspiration to humanity. I hope your act of kindness will be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people. Please extend our gratitude to your family.

As with any Moment of Truth, people are humble and quiet with their being a blessing to others so I may be missing some details because Rebecca did not share the specifics of this. Here’s a picture of Rebecca’s husband and son on the right with Tiara, one of our Nurse Managers, and the weekend receptionist.