ADONs Across Bandera West
“We knew we wanted Marla back one day when she left us as an ADON to become the newest DON in Bandera at Lake Pleasant Post-Acute.

The day had finally come – Marla was returning home!! With Holly Worrell leaving Sunview to become the Clinical Market Leader, Marla was ready to step in and continue where she left off! And she didn’t waste a moment! Within 3 months of Marla being here she got a new staffer and together they stopped registry at Sunview! Marla and the new staffer found an amazing balance between being flexible with staff and being firm. This built loyalty and a stronger sense of accountability throughout the floor staff. Marla’s love for her staff and for what she does has been so evident in her building relationships with them. They love her approach and they appreciate her being on the floor regularly and working side by side with them. Marla’s love of customer second is obvious in all she does! With turnover lower than it’s ever been and financial success better than it’s ever been at Sunview it’s an amazing reflection of Marla’s influence and leadership!” ~ Sean Hill (CEO Sunview)

Please enjoy this example below of Marla’s incredible dedication to helping support and educate other ADON’s and DON’s on how to work together to benefit the facility, staff and residents! We can all learn from her leadership!!

Marla Sanchez (DON at Sunview) noticed a trend with her ADON, Michael Nabea. Michael was training other ADON’s on how to best support their DON and their facility! He would visit with them to educate and support the ADON/DON working relationship and the impact it has on all staff and residents.

Marla felt that there was a real need to have a class to train multiple ADON’s at once.

She sees the value of continued education, which led to a full day class at Sunview. They had an astonishing 12 ADON’s from different buildings in Bandera West attend. It was an 8 hour day where the focus was on daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities of ADON’s.

Sean Hill “So cool to see! True COO move!! Thank you Marla, for your amazing dedication to Sunview and Bandera west!!”

“It is truly inspiring to see dedicated and selfless clinical leaders whose ownership and drive for excellence extend beyond their own operation and always looking out for the greater good of the organization. Thank you Marla for your incredible example. I am humbled to be called your partner.” ~ Julie Uychiat

This experience aligns with our Culture of Passion for Learning! Great job Marla, Michael and the ADON’s of Bandera West!