Everyone has their struggles. Suggestions from Susan Kopcinski remind us about the little things we can do to support our colleagues and make a difference.

Questions to help come up with out of the box ideas:

Are our DONs empowered to actively participate in Cluster Meetings, BHAGs?
Is the DON starting salary in line with the trends in the market?
Are we doing timely annual reviews for our DONs?
Are we incentivizing when clinical goals are met?
Have we elevated the DONs to Clinical Cluster Leader?
Are we creating monthly scoreboards so that they can be measured to avoid be immeasurable?
Are we acknowledging them by name for their success in front of their peers to avoid anonymity?
Do we genuinely know and care for our DONs?
Are we training nurses to be DONs so they can help manage systems?
How do we show our DONs that what they do really matters?
Can the COO own the DONette class?
Are we creating buffers so our DONs don’t always have to hit the floor?
Are we training C.N.A.s to be Med Techs?
How do we show our DONs that what they do really matters?
Can a COO own the Med Tech class?
Are DONs celebrating together to build comradery?
Are we pushing our future COOs?
Are we going the extra mile with the personalized birthday, holiday, and Nurses Week cards?
Can the facility pay for cleaning services for the DONs so they don’t have a full time job when they go home?
Can the facility order dinner for the DON’s family if they have to work evening shift?
Are we positively supporting the DON role or are we saying I would never want to be a DON?