RAI Manual Released – Effective 10/1/2018
By Robert Ady
Director MDS Resources/Clinical Reimbursement

CMS recently released the new RAI MDS Manual. Effective 10/1/18 we will need to adjust our MDS coding to adopt the new guidelines. As Paul Wemyss mentioned a few weeks ago, the new MDS items sets are available inside PCC to open for MDSs with ARDs after 10/1/18. Most of the new MDS items we are familiar with and have been in draft for a few months and now we that have the final RAI Manual we can be confident as we train the new information. AANAC has a nice summary of the upcoming MDS changes that I have attached for your review. 

Your MDS Resources will be completing MDS training in your area sometime during the month of September. All the MDS Resources will be meeting Sept 18th and 19th where the new MDS changes will be reviewed and training details will be provided to them to assist them as they train staff in your respective Markets/Facilities. We would like to complete these trainings locally so that we can closely monitor/track attendance to ensure all our MDS nurses get the training they need to improve competency. Smaller local trainings allows for more questions and interactive discussions to improve overall accuracy and implementation. 

Please contact your respective MDS Resource to find out when the training in your area will be scheduled if you would like to participate.