At Victoria Care Center, the DOR and DON collaborated on a project to allow for more streamlined progress throughout the rehab stay for many of our skilled residents. The DOR and DON are committed to a continued meaningful flow of communication between the therapy team and the nursing staff, specifically related to the CNA as they are with the residents most of the day.

 The Caregiver Alert project began with the realization that CNAs on the floor were not aware of the progress our residents were making in therapy. Each resident has a caregiver alert (see photo) but it was rarely updated to provide a more accurate reflection of the resident’s progress. For example, if a resident was at max assist for bed mobility initially, and then progressed to min assist, the CNA may not realize that and continue to offer max assist. This scenario can lead to a learned helplessness for the resident, as well as a deterrent for continued progress as the new level of independence is not being encouraged throughout the day.

 Where: SNF Patient Rooms

The rehab team discussed this issue and agreed to start updating the caregiver alert with each progress note so the CNA and staff on the floors would be better equipped to provide the most accurate level of assistance, empowering the residents to utilize their new level of independence for ADL tasks and mobility, so long as it was safe and within the parameters set forth by the primary therapist.

 Why: Better Patient Care and Communication

The caregiver alert is our way of communicating with the staff on the floor. If we don’t update the resident’s levels they won’t know how to better help them and, in turn, it helps rehab because the resident is able to utilize their new level of independence and reinforce the strategies they are learning in rehab.

View poster: Caregiver Alert (PDF format)

Rebekah Anekwe, DOR – Juvie Lopez, DON