Ripple Effect
We are piloting a collaborative interdisciplinary program to show love and support for our Clinical Nursing Assistants (CNAs) so that they grow and thrive for many years in our facilities. Our multi-discipline “People Committee” is working on the components, with the core objective of creating an atmosphere of respect and appreciation for each and every partner. The program will use educational strategies, best practices, and partnership opportunities to improve the overall employee satisfaction and retention for the clinical nursing teams in 3 pilot programs, with opportunities for rapid expansion of the program to buildings demonstrating readiness and eagerness to be part of the pilot.

Some new as well as existing best practices will be implemented in the 3 pilot buildings including full day orientation, work buddies, therapy restorative training, and a benefits/on-boarding buddy.

Reach out to Rebecca Lea or Jon Anderson if you are interested!

Rebecca Lea

Clinical Market Lead Keystone
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Jon Anderson

Therapy Market Lead Keystone
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