Emma Singbeil is the DON at Redmond Care and Rehabilitation Center. She has worked at Redmond since 2013 where she started as a CNA. She has only recently taken on the role of DON just before COVID-19 hit the building. This did not stop her from completing her bachelors in nursing while working full time in her new role and never missing a shift, often starting at 4:00 am.
When COVID-19 hit, she was finishing up her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Emma was a recipient of a WA Foundation for Long Term Care Scholarship in 2019 to support her educational pursuits. Even as she completed her exams, she was taking care of COVID-19 patients. For many, it felt like she never left the building while supporting her team, residents, and their family members. Despite many difficult struggles, Emma kept fighting until Redmond Care and Rehabilitation was COVID-19 free.
What’s next for Emma? Other than being a newlywed of only 1 year, she is working towards her Doctorate as a Nurse Practitioner. We are so proud of Emma and all of her heart, determination and hard work! She is an inspiration to all of us that anything is possible with a little grit!

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